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  Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and New York



  Why ServSafe® Certification?

  Excellent Question

ServSafe® nationally recognized as oldest, most reliable, experienced and widely respected comprehensive food safety program known to industry professionals.
Upon successful completion of a ServSafe® Certification Session or Comparable Food Safety Course with passing grade you join millions of food service professionals who strive daily to illuminate or reduce threats of foodborne illness to patrons we serve every day.


Certification session is suggested for proprietors, executive chefs, chefs, management and shift supervision, farmers, storage and distribution also anyone who purchases, prepares and cooks meals to serve patrons.



   Improving Job Search Goals

  Concerned Question

Working in thankless position, feel you’re in a rut? maybe it’s time for change toward a brighter horizon?


Honest response is complete existing work tasks as required to best of your ability while diligently improving chance of advancement within existing work place or consider other opportunities.

Advancement in Food Service requires numerous skill sets verses just cooking, during free time consider enrolling into a ServSafe® Certification or comparable Food Safety course; for self-education advancement visit local library’s and browse through varied cookbooks, behavioral, management and accounting books to achieve your goals.

If and when job searching becomes a necessity Food Safety Certificate and other related experiences assist applicants and usually opens doors to varied employers and head hunters.

However! Keep in mind never any guarantees.



  Enhancing Food Safety

Trained culinary teams need constantly be aware of potential risks and hazards lurking within facilities by exhibiting monitoring skills, implementing immediate corrective action, maintaining food safety standards, protect patrons, builds customer satisfaction and increase patron retention with priority on preventing internal problems or potential closure.

Strongest assets are ServSafe® trained associates or worse liability with un-trained associates



  Books used during ServSafe® Sessions 


   Food Manager Book?

   Ideal for one or multiple day sessions

Covers critical principles including, personal hygiene, importance of reporting illnesses, cross contamination, cross contact, understanding micro-world, time and temperature abuse, purchasing, receiving and storage practices, food safety management systems, cross connections and training hourly associates plus.


    Course Book, worth the extra Fee

     Ideal for proprietors, Executive Chefs and Business Entrepreneurs


Covers all noted above in Manager book plus additional material as, HACCP Management System, facilities, flooring and equipment, food safety regulations and standards, staff training guidelines and temporary and fixed satellite operations


Regardless of book used, class and certification examination are identical



    Normal day Schedule

Actual session consist of six (6) hours class time discussing food safety best practices, showing training DVD’s and viewing 7th edition updated PowerPoint presentation including FDA 2017 Food Code.


During session we take multiple short breaks and relaxed half hour lunch period.

After completion of training session tables will be cleared of all items and prepared for certification examination


NRAS allocates two (2) hours to complete exam, after two hours pencils down, exam booklets and answer sheets collected



  Breaks and Lunch:

Feel free to bring snacks, beverages and bag meal.

On occasion some host offer lunch free or fee.


Brandon locations can choose dining locally at Café Provence, Gourmet Provence or other establishments.



    Bring Photo ID into Class

Prior to handing out exam booklet, photo ID’S will be collected and returned when exam booklet, answer sheet, envelope and pencils are in order.



   HACCP System Principles Review

HACCP system presently absent in 7th Edition ServSafe Manager Book.

However very important to review seven principles


   Training to Excel Classes


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  About Training to Excel


Norm Milot, Proprietor
Training to Excel

Certified ServSafe® Instructor and Registered Proctor.

Since retirement from Food Service Management positions as in Universities, Colleges, Hospitals, Health Care Facilities, Business and Industry, Fine Dining and Military.

Norm today continues assisting Food Service and Food Retail Professionals, Proprietors, Executive Chefs, Chefs, Management, Entrepreneurs, Homemakers, Specialty Food Specialist and Farmers reach their goals.


Norm shares his management experiences and qualifications; during session when questions will be solicited that often assist individuals to become involved or realize and achieve their ambitions and potential advancement through education.



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  Phone: 802.247.0098

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