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 ServSafe Certification Overview


Today’s competitive Food Service arena ServSafe® certification often assist you to stand out among other applicants.
Remember never any guarantees.

ServSafe® is nationally recognized as oldest, most reliable, experienced
and widely respected comprehensive food safety program known to industry professionals.

Training is
dedicated to assisting hospitality and related businesses become more efficient and effective to safely present and serve foods to patrons.

Reality is ServSafe® trained associates are food services greatest asset or untrained associates its worst liability.

Certification informs employer that you’re aware of food safety standard best practices and the critical importance of its role.

ServSafe® Manager Book or Course Book available for one or multiple day sessions; including instructors audio and video segment prepares and encourages attendee’s to complete Food Protection Manager Certification Exam.



 Partial-list of course best practices:



 Course suggested for:

Proprietors, Executive Chefs, Chefs, Management, Culinary Teams, Facility teams and all industry professional within food service, food retail, farmers, distributors etc.

Facility teams must constantly be aware and understand risks and hazards lurking in facility by exhibiting monitoring skills and implement corrective action to maintain food safety standards, protect customers, build customer satisfaction, solidify patron retention and prevent business problems or potential closure.


 Day planner:

Regular single day ServSafe Training sessions including examination consist of hour day. Segment one has 6 hours actual class time, plus with two or three short breaks, also half hour lunch period*, allowing segment 2, two hours to complete ninety questions multiple choice exam.


Remember to bring beverages, snacks and bag meal or dine locally at Café Provence or Gourmet Provence.

Dress is always relaxed casual


*Working lunch could reduce class time

  Photo ID required

Upon completion of instructor’s class segment and short break, proctor will collect photo ID’s and ask that tables be cleared of all items and issue examination booklet?

Exam booklet contains 90 multiple choice questions, passing grade of 75% is required to self-download official ServSafe® Certificate within 9-12 days and is valid 5 years from date of testing.



 The HACCP Approach

HACCP is absent in 7th Edition ServSafe Manager Book

Together let’s review the seven principles


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  About Training to Excel



Norm Milot, Proprietor
Training to Excel, Certified ServSafe®

Instructor and Registered Proctor.

Since retirement from Food Service Management

Norm, continues exhibiting past active experiences and qualifications while assisting Food Service and Food Retail Professionals realize potential advancement





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