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 Why! Enroll into ServSafe® Certification?



 ServSafe Certification Overview


ServSafe® Certification by the National Restaurant Association
is oldest and most widely respected comprehensive food safety
training program known to food service and food retail professionals

ServSafe® program is
dedicated to making hospitality industry
more efficient, effective, and safe.
Providing entry level participants
and seasoned professionals with current knowledge required to
safely purchase, prepare, cook and serve; ensuring
patron’s foods prepared on site are safe to consume

Proprietors, Chefs, Management and Culinary Teams must be aware
and understand the risks and ways to prevent foodborne illness will
lead to improved food safety, protect customers, customer
satisfaction, patron retention and businesses from harm

Person-in-charge of a food service or retail establishment
must know how and what food safety practices to monitor
and immediately implement corrective action.


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 Day planner:

ServSafe Training sessions with Certification exam consist of one
nine hour day, six hours actual class time, two or three short breaks,
half hour lunch period, allowing remaining two hours to complete
ninety questions multiple choice exam.


With successful passing grade of 75%, student self-download
results within 8-10 days.

Certification is valid five years from exam date.



 Recipe for Food Safety Success

ServSafe® emphasizes importance to prevent foodborne
illnesses and ultimately an outbreak.

Partial list of terms covered during Classes

How Food becomes Unsafe

Time and Temperature Abuse


Fecal-Oral Route

High Risks Populations

Major Contaminates

Personal Hygiene best Practices

Associate Health practices

Flow of Food Best Practices

Acronym FAT TOM

Food Defense Acronym ALERT

Big 8 Allergens

Cross Contact

Cross Contamination

Labelling Practices

Partial Cooking Practice

Serving Food without Temperature Control

Food Thermometers

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Facilities Risk and Hazards

Eminent Health Hazard 

Pest Control Awareness

Cleaning up SOP for Sick Staff and Patrons

Concerns with Cross Connections




 Food Safety Sessions Offered

  • ServSafe® Certification.
  • Food Handler Sessions.
  • ServSafe® Retreat.
  • Proctoring Service.
  • Re-Certification.
  • Re-Testing.


 Resources and Workshops

  • Self-Development Resources.
  • Waiter and Waitress Dining Service Workshops
  • Front and Back of House In-Service Training Workshops at Client's Business Site.
  • Pre-Regulatory Board of Health On-Site Inspection Audit.
  • Consultant Services.



 HACCP Approach

HACCP Seven Principles no longer found in ServSafe Manager Book only Course Book.

  • Conduct a hazard analysis.
  • Determine critical control points.
  • Establish critical limits.
  • Establish monitoring procedures.
  • Identify corrective actions.
  • Verify that system works.
  • Establish record keeping and documentation.



 About Training to Excel

Norm Milot, Owner and Certified
Instructor/Registered Proctor,
exhibits experience and qualifications
to assist Food Service and Food Retail
Professionals through ServSafe®
self-development classes and
related industry resources.


Norm, a super senior has inspired
many culinary professionals since 2003
and prior active managerial years
through best practices on the job
training, weekly in-services, huddles
and continuing education for advancement.

Classes are casual with relaxed ambiance,
stress free program, session includes viewing
true life scenario DVD’S, PowerPoint presentation,
open life experiences segment, building confidence,
and usually favorable exam scores.


Class information

email: or


Phone: 802.247.0098










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