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  Why ServSafe® Certification?

  Importance of being a Certified Food Protection Manager

The FDA Food Code requires that the person in charge of a foodservice operation become a Certified Food Protection Manager.

That person must be onsite at all times during operating hours

A Certified Food Protection Manager must show that he or she has the required knowledge by passing a test from an accredited program. The program must be accredited by an agency approved by a Conference for Food Protection

Completing the ServSafe Manager Course and passing the ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification Examination meets this requirement.

But, why is it so important to become certified?

A Center for Disease Control and Prevention study suggests that the presence of a Certified Food Protection Manager reduces the risk of a foodborne illness outbreak for an establishment. The study also suggests that it was a distinguished factor between restaurants that experienced a foodborne illness outbreak and those that had not.

In addition, the FDA ‘s Retail Food Risk Factor Studies suggest that the presence of a certified manager has a positive correlation with more effective control of  certain risk factors, such as poor personal hygiene, in different facility types.


  Promoting Food Safety

  Strongest business assets are ServSafe® or HACCP trained associates or worse liability with un-trained associates


  Sessions Conveniently arranged at our location or yours



   Dealing with Hectic Schedules?

Training to Excel realizes food service and food retail professionals have shift schedules preventing associates from attending a full day session now offers convenient options to acquire ServSafe® certification status.

Whether your working evenings, split shift or during day Training to Excel can assist with ServSafe® Certification training or just offering examination.

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  Books used during Sessions

ServSafe® Food Protection Manager, ServSafe® Course Book, older version ServSafe® Books or any other publishers Food Safety Books and ServSafe Food Handler Book with Assessment examination with Achievement Certificate

Regardless of book used in session certification examination is identical




   HACCP Management System

HACCP Management System uses current 7th Edition ServSafe Manager Book.


HACCP’S detailed information has been eliminated in book; however it’s important enough to review the seven major principles



  Resources and Workshops




  About Training to Excel


 Norm, a super senior and Proprietor of Training to Excel


Certified ServSafe® Instructor and Registered Proctor.

Prior to retirement from Food Service Management responsibilities in USA and Canada include; Universities, Colleges, Hospitals, Health Care Facilities, Business and Industry, Fine Dining and Military.


Norm continues to enjoy assisting Food Service and Food Retail Professionals, Proprietors, Executive Chefs, Chefs, Management, Entrepreneurs, Homemakers, Specialty Food Specialist and Farmers reach their goals.


Norm shares management experiences and qualifications during session when solicited; stress free classes often assist individuals to become actively involved to realize and achieve ambitions and potential advancement through education.





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