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Front and Back of House training at facility a problem?

Consider outsourcing this task?


Outsourcing in-service training sessions is most cost effective, convenient and tactful industry practice for food service and retail operations front and back of house teams on understanding best practices to properly complete tasks per facilities training and development standard operation practices (SOP’S).

Today, internal training of food service and retail associate’s correctly is demanding if not actually impossible, outsourcing is a value added asset allowing management constructive time focusing on other responsibilities relating to businesses daily operation.
Time is Money.

Fee: Hourly Rate  


Waiter Waitress Etiquette Dining Service Training


Host, Waiter and Waitress Dining Etiquette

Train and/or Re-Train team members to excel the patrons dining experience

Half day workshop sessions include discussing information in book, professional real life experiences, pop up open discussions, dining table set-up and table arrangements, clearing and role playing. Later relaxing while extending a well-deserved break to discuss each other’s experiences and feedback on training segments.

Snacks and meals not included in fee.

Training recommended for existing and entry level servers.

Workshops held at popular Café Provence located in Brandon, Vermont.

Open Registration Fee: $


Client’s private training sessions easily arranged and tailored to accommodate service associates at his/her business site or other preferred location.

Attendance required on client’s location: Eight participants

Fee: Prix-Fixe, Includes book



Pre-Board of Health Inspection Food Safety Analysis
Disappointed with last regulatory inspection report?

Best Practices:
A positive approach to consider is maybe time to consider outsourcing and hiring an expert to analyze current food safety requirements and standard operation procedures within the facility. Facilities, restaurants etc. must be current with local state and federal required compliances.


Training to Excel provides an “outsider’s evaluation” that will identify any potential issues your SOP’S manual or team may have missed.

Once audit is complete you will receive an action
plan and strategy to address concerns noted; allowing ample time to correct problems that invaluably saving business and negative impact on patrons.


Positive Results:

  • Review compliance of FDA Food Code and current state food safety regulations
  • Provide feedback during flow of food practices with respect to food safety issues
  • Prevent  a potential foodborne illness outbreak
  • Protect facility, managers and associates against potential legal action should an outbreak occur.
  • Review facilities overall food safety, food defense and food security practices.
  • Asses source problems before local health inspector unexpectedly appears at door.
  • Enhance regulatory inspection scores.
  • Savvy patrons look for positive reports regarding food services and retail operations

Perhaps this walk-through audit prior to future regulatory inspection might enlighten you in ample time to correct deficiencies within the operation.

Hourly Rate


Consultant Services

In most Food Service and Food Retail Operations owners, Executive chefs and facility managers ignore signs of deficiencies within operations and attempt to correct obvious problems without success. Having another pair of eyes can be comforting to find that problem isn’t serious at all; just too close to see or self-define?


Reason is sometimes so simple it’s overwhelming too solve without outsourcing.   
Call 802.247.0098 or email


Fee: Hourly Rate                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         





  Vermont, New England States and New York

Thank you Norm! You did an excellent job training our staff! Thanks to you and your class they can continue to create excellent meals!!!



S. L.


Thank YOU!  It was perfect to be able to offer a class to all employees together. It served as a team building exercise as well!



Thanks again for presenting the class at our convenience. We will continue to send new employees as they join our team.






Thank You!!  Had great feedback from our associates about your class I will highly recommend you.  Again thank you for a great experience. 

Best Regards,

J.M, General Manager


You're the best Norm, thank you for everything! Enjoy the rest of your summer.

All my best,



Yes, we did receive Ira's certificate.  IT is posted in the restaurant.  Thanks for your assistance in giving Ira this training.




 Norm thanks to you for all your work with our clients.
It’s helped many people succeed who may not have otherwise had the opportunity


That is GREAT news, thanks!

Chef Dave

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

You were great all along the way,

Thank you!


Good luck and thanks again Norm!



Hi Norm,

It was great taking the ServSafe® Certification training with examination through Training to Excel.

Thank You


My instructor Norm was able to accommodate me into a group that was already formed to get my certificate when I needed it. He also guided me to the class option that was right for me and affordable.

Norm used his wealth of industry experience to draw from as he covered the course materials.

He also used DVDs to illustrate topics we were covering.  I am kind of a visual person so it helped me to have the reinforcement on text based materials he used.

During to duration of the one day class Norm was able to cover all of the material and he accomplished this in a way that I will use in the kitchen when I return to work.  

Thank you.


Norm again thanks

The class was terrific and so were you.  We're thrilled to have done so well, thanks to your guidance!  We will be sending you our ServSafe business from here on and recommending you for HACCP to other companies.  I might advise that you send a flyer or brochure to the Vermont Specialty Food Association as many companies might start looking towards HACCP for selling to companies like Costco.


Norm thanks to you for all your work with our clients.
It’s helped many people succeed who may not have otherwise had the opportunity

Thanks again

Mary E.G.



Hi Norm, thank you for everything. You made the class enjoyable and easier than I thought it would be. I feel I learned a lot with your help.

Thank you,


Norm, "Your class on food safety was an enjoyable, eye opening experience that was expertly delivered by an obvious professional."

Thanks Norm


Thanks Norm! 
Michael spoke quite highly of you and your class.  We both appreciate your guidance through this


Best to You



Thanks so much, Norm.  Stop by for a burger if you come to Chatham.  

I enjoyed the class very much.


Hi Norm,

Thanks for facilitating the HACCP class on Monday.  Things went well for the class overall.  It is a ton of information to absorb in one day.  Incorporating more interaction during the chapter quizzes or having folks take the quiz and give the answers may help them retain this large volume of information. 

 Thanks again,




Thanks Norm.

Everybody was thrilled with results.  Kevin is still in school and this will give him credit he needs to graduate.  And Joey has been busy applying for jobs - has had interviews at the Lodge and local Inns.  So we hope he'll be working soon!

Again thanks.
M. E.




Thanks for administering the private HACCP examination I was concerned about the test however your experience as an instructor proved valuable in calming me down.

I’ll certainly share my thoughts regarding HACCP to my business peers

Again thanks



Hi Norm,

Great news about the test results!  Thanks for providing such a great class.  All of my students were very happy with the course and said what a great job you did.


One question they all had was whether they could find out which questions they got wrong. 

I told them I wasn’t sure if that was something that you would have access to but that I would ask.

No worries if you can’t tell them.






Hi Norm,

Thank-you, the students are very pleased with their results, as are Chef Dave and I.

Tonight is our awards night and they will all be recognized for passing the ServSafe examination and other things. The scores came in just in time for tonight's ceremony! How lucky is that!



D and D


They were all super excited to hear how well they did.  Thank you so much for everything.  I will keep an eye out for their certificates! Best, 



Thanks, Class was very informative. 


Thank you so much with all your help with accommodating classes for me, much appreciate!



Thanks so much for the update, and thanks for accommodating Ira's available time for the course.  I haven't had much time to speak with him about the class yet, but when I see him I will ask if he has any feedback for you.

Thanks again



Hahaha I have some smart cookies working with me

Will watch for the certificate and thank you so much for giving me a hand with staff, much appreciate!



Hi Norm, yes I did.  Was proud of myself. 

Thanks for everything. 





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