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ServSafe® Certification Registration Form


Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and New








Full payment due with registration form prior to any course material mailed. Purchase order number, corporate check or approved personal check on date of class.


Application Download



Norm Milot,
Training to Excel

via e-mail at or  

Quick Question:

802.247.0098 phone answered as Training to Excel.

Step #1:

Download registration form, complete information requested notate preferred class and forward with full payment to address on form.

Add any applicable tax and shipping & handling fees.



 Step #2:

Take note of low cost options for ServSafe® sessions at $99.00*pp

*No books or answer sheets included in special fees.

You’ll receive emailed pre-class material to read



Step #3

If purchasing class with book including answer sheet.
Once check and registration form is received a current 7th edition book with be mailed to address on Form.



Step #4

Consider borrowing a used book for class includes answer sheet at: $139.00pp plus tax, shipping and handling

Book collected at end of class.

Non-returned books assessed at $49.95 each

Need assistance:
Problem downloading registration form call 802.247.0098 and I’ll
forward an email with attached form

Snail Mail address:

Training to Excel Norm Milot
31 Franklin Street
Brandon, Vermont


802.247.0098 answered by Training to Excel & Rosebelle’s Inn





What if I can’t make scheduled class:


Option is attend next scheduled class within 30 days or pay a new registration fee at $50.00pp


Photo ID’s:

Collected prior to commencing ServSafe Certification examination.


ID’s returned after ServSafe material is returned; exam booklet in envelope and separate completed answer sheet and pencils.

Electric devices and notes:

Neither allowed during examination



Cell phones:

Not allowed during actual class or examination.

Usually at Cafe Provence Restaurant, Public Library, Brandon CC Conference Room located in Brandon, VT.




Tailored to comfortably accommodate everyone, classes are stress free and relaxed ambiance



Take Note:

Day plan is nine hour session, six hours actual class time, two/three short breaks, half hour lunch period; allowing two hours to complete ninety multiple choice questions.

Suggestion: Participants should read book of choice prior to class, completing questions and quizzes.
Also read through Pathogens and Appendix sections.

During class:

True life experience DVD’S containing 75% of material in book will be viewed, plus quick 7th edition PowerPoint presentation. 




Ask at will during class once exam starts everyone must be silent and no questions





                                              Ginette and Norm Milot, Owner Occupied Innkeepers

                                                               Information call 802.247.0098
                                                                      Brandon, Vermont


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