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ServSafe® Food Manager Certification Courses and Training Resources

General Information

Client may choose to attend class or just arrive at designated time to take exam.

ServSafe® Food Protection classes, including a two hour exam, run approximately 9 hours.

There are multiple short breaks and a half hour lunch period. Meal, snacks and beverages are not included in fees.

Online exam students are responsible for bringing their own laptop or reserving a computer station at the Brandon library and for arranging the class date with Proctor.

English is the standard language for the classes but other available languages may be purchased.

Training materials incorporate the latest information from recent FDA 2017 Food Code.

There are shipping and handling charges on products that are mailed to clients. See Registration Form.

With a passing grade ServSafe® certificates are valid for five years.

Private Online Examinations
$139 per person

Proctor Private Print Exam
Client studied online and has print exam answer sheet.

Proctor Private Online Exam
Client studied online has online exam seat voucher.

Brandon only, additional fees at client's location

Food Manager Book Package with Exam
$189 per person
food manager course

For professionals who prefer a one day session.

Ideal for first time certification,
recertification or retesting.

Comprehensive 7th edition ServSafe®
Food Manager Book.

Brandon only, additional fees at client's location

Course Book Package with Exam
$229 per person + tax and shipping
course book

    Ideal for existing facility owners and executive chefs offering extensive catering and seasonal satellite operations.

    Class includes ServSafe® Course Book
    with print exam answer sheet.

    Brandon only, additional fees at client's location

Clients Per Person Fees

  • Has study book and exam answer sheet: $99
  • Has answer sheet and taking exam without book: $99
  • Recertifying or retesting, has exam answer sheet: $99
  • Studied Online, has exam answer sheet: $99
  • Borrowing book and has exam answer sheet: $119.99
  • Has study book, includes exam answer sheet: $139
  • Attends class without book, includes answer sheet: $139
  • Recertifying or retesting, includes exam answer sheet: $139
  • Studied online prefers print exam includes answer sheet: $139
  • Borrowing older version book, includes answer sheet: $159

Group One Day Class, Midweek

  • Most cost effective when client self-purchases choice of ServSafe® book with answer sheets and team members attend a scheduled sessions at popular Café Provence in Brandon
  • $99 pp, if client has all materials
  • $189 pp, with course materials included, plus tax and shipping
  • Brandon only, additional fees at client's location

Half Day Classes - $259 per person + tax and shipping.

  • Two consecutive half day morning sessions.
  • ServSafe® Food Manager Book with exam answer sheet.
  • Minimum six participants
  • Brandon only, additional fees at client's location

Food Handler Package with Book,
Assessment Examination and Certificate
$99 per person + tax and shipping

  • Four hour class, valid two years with passing score, not to be confused as ServSafe® Certification.
  • This course is ideal for current team associates, entry level front and back of house members, and receivers.
  • Minimum ten participants
  • Brandon only, additional fees at client's location

Retreat Session - Brandon Only

  • Ideal for professionals who appreciate a getaway.
  • Retreat registrations are open and private
  • Sessions start at 8:00 am and finish by 6:00 pm

    All-inclusive retreat activities commence with morning welcoming introductions, enjoy coffee with fresh baked in house pastries, mid-morning and afternoon short breaks offering assorted beverages with pastries and other treats from Gourmet Provence.

  • Lunch break with eclectic menu at Café Provence.
  • Fee includes Course Book, print exam answer sheet, applicable related tax and gratuity
  • Midweek fee: $269 pp
  • Weekend fee: $309 pp
  • Excludes tax and gratuities on libations, gifts etc.
  • Minimum attendance six participants

Resources & Workshops - Training Associates
Based on Hourly Rate

  • Front and back of house in-service training workshops at client's business location.
  • Stress-free self-development in-service sessions.
  • Waiter and waitress fine dining service workshops.
  • Pre-Board of Health inspection and analysis.

Email for details.


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